Friday, May 10, 2013

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Anti-Bacterial Soap & Hand Sanitizer

Linked with Medical Conditions

The chemical Triclosan has been linked with infertility, early puberty, hormone imbalance, heart function problems, thyroid issues and more

Triclosan is found in anything and everything that's 

labeled "anti-bacterial." This includes soaps, hand 

sanitizer, tissues, and even anti-microbial clothing! 

Check your labels and consider throwing away anything

 with this chemical additive!

So here's a little suggestion: If you're a Mom or a 

Grandma, or even a Dad you've probably got hand 

sanitizer stashed everywhere. Get yourself some spray 

bottles and make your own hand sani. You'll know 

exactly what you're spraying on your family!

DIY Hand Sani Recipe
Why Not Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer?

Here's my recipe for Hand Sanitizer

                             (Kills all of the germs without the nasty toxins)

Items you'll need

8 ounces of pure water                
On Guard Bottle

1 T Epsom Salts

1T Unscented Witch Hazel

15 drops of doTerra On Guard blend*

Glass spray bottle**

Mix it all together and pour into your bottle. Place a label on the bottle so you'll 

know what's inside. Always shake the bottle before using.

*On Guard protective blend contains: Wild Orange Peel, 

Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus leaf/stem and 

Rosemary leaf/flower.

And here's what the finished product can look like

(I printed the label on plain paper from my printer, cut it out and attached it to the bottle with nice wide packing tape)

I hope you enjoyed making your own hand-sani. Won't 

your friends think you're fabulous?


You can get lots of cool supplies for making your own 

essential oil blends and DIY products at a place called 

Here are some sprayers to consider:

Blue Glass Spray Bottles

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